Shipping cost depends on the weight and dimensional characteristics of the goods (items) and the transport direction. To know the exact price you need to contact the manager of the company in a comfortable way (call, e-mail) and provide the necessary information.

Yes, our employees can, at your request, repackage of the shipment according to the declared requirements. To provide these services, you must warn the manager in advance. This service is additional and paid separately. The cost of the service is agreed individually with the manager of the company.

Yes, our staff will check availability, packaging, compare with the invoice and make a few shots, so you were sure about your goods.Ask manager for additional services in advance.

In case you made a mistake when placing an order and did not specify the code for sending by sea, your parcel will be sent by air. In connection with the automation of the delivery process, you can not change the type of delivery of items.

Bulk weight – is the estimated value of which is used to determine the cost of cargo transportation. To calculate the volumetric weight add the dimensions into the formula:

width (cm) * Height (cm) * length (cm) / 6000

0 kg

Volumes are considered to be those shipments whose bulk weight exceeds the physical weight by 30 percent or more.

Yes, on our site you can track the status of your shipment.

Our manager contacts each recipient and gives the date when you can get the goods  when shipments are already in Ukraine.

“Clearance” – a customs clearance of imported international express shipments into the territory of Ukraine and payment of all the necessary taxes and customs duties.

Parcels (international express shipments) with a total value of less than € 100 are not subject to any additional taxes and fees. If, however, the total value of all goods in one package exceeds € 100, upon receipt of the shipment, you must pay tax:

  • MEO value from € 100 to € 150 – VAT 20% (calculated from a limit of € 100 and charged on the difference);
  • IER value over € 150 – customs duty of 10% (calculated on the difference from € 150) and VAT of 20% (calculated on the difference from € 100).

Taxation under current law, including recent edits.

You can calculate the amount of tax by entering the total value of all the goods in your parcel in the calculator field or see a more detailed calculation formula.

Yes, we will give your cargo to any local carrier to organise the “last mile”.

ICS Courier companies can realize the delivery of your goods within Kiev.

Payment of services is made immediately after delivery, that very time then the client gets his goods (parcels). Payment can be in cash or cashless form, on request. In some cases, possible prepayment.

In cases of loss or partial damage of the goods the international express-mail company gives a compensation. The refund amount is the equivalent of seven USD at the rate of NBU for each kilogram of actual body weight. 

Only items accepted for signature by the warehouse employee (left under the door or transferred to outsiders) are accepted for reimbursement!

In the case of advance agement , administration costs can be compensated in a full accordance to invoice cost.

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