Prohibitions and restrictions on the movement (transfer) of certain types of goods in international postal and express mail in accordance with Art. 235 part 1 of the current Customs Code of Ukraine of the latest edition.

Shipments that are not allowed under Art. 15 by the Universal Postal Convention.

The list of goods subject to restrictions on movement across the customs border of Ukraine is fixed in Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 436 “On approval of lists of goods subject to restrictions on movement across the customs border of Ukraine”.

According to the “Decision on the Rules of Customs Control for the Movement across the Customs Border of Goods Containing Objects of Intellectual Property” and Section XIV. Assistance in the protection of intellectual property rights in the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine (articles 397-403) СCU.

According to the “Decision on the approval of the procedure for importing from abroad and the sale of radio electronic equipment and radiating devices in Ukraine” in one IER:

  • no more than 10 microphones;
  • no more than two mobile phones;
  • no more than two GPS navigators;
  • no more than one CB radio station;
  • no more than four children’s radio communications;
  • no more than four children’s radio-controlled toys;
  • no more than two tablets;
  • no more than two telephone headsets;
  • no more than four wireless headphones;
  • no more than four USB adapters;
  • no more than two routers;
  • no more than two camcorders or cameras.

Also, are not accepted for international shipment:

  • unmanned aerial vehicles (or self-propelled flightless aircraft of a similar type of action) – drones (including quadrocopters);
  • any equipment for mining of crypto-currencies;
  • engines;
  • medicines, medicinal substances (of any type and form), medical equipment;
  • electronic smoking devices and installations (including spare parts, accessories and liquids to them);
  • excisable goods (including tobacco for hookahs), jewelry, precious stones and metals;
  • glues and powdery substances (not accepted for shipping from China);
  • food, food additives and sports nutrition (not accepted for delivery from China);
  • hair, stuffed animals;
  • alcohol;
  • decorative, aromatic herbs and incense.

The rules and conditions for the air transportation of dangerous goods and international express mail are fixed in the Technical Instructions of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), 2007-2008 edition, taking into account the latest changes and additions 2015-2016.

Cargoes and IERs supplied to the warehouse for international shipment must have a suitable transport packaging that will be reliable for the shipment itself and safe for airport employees. At the request of the client, we provide additional packaging for fragile goods, as well as for departures without transport packaging. The issue of additional packaging / repackaging of the IER should be discussed with the company manager in advance, before the cargo arrives at the warehouse.

Upon arrival of the departure to the warehouse, the employees determine the actual and volumetric weight.

The volumetric weight is calculated by the formula: width (cm) * height (cm) * length (cm) / 6000.

0 kg

Calculation of the volume weight of the cargo is necessary to determine the cost of its delivery (depending on the direction and type of delivery). If the volume weight exceeds the physical weight by 30 percent or more, then the departure is considered as a dimensional one. The cost of delivery of such items to calculated individually. To reduce the cost of delivery of international express mail, at the request of the client, warehouse staff can repackage or consolidate cargo. In some cases, after repackaging the shipment, the volumetric weight may decrease several times (for example packing in a vacuum of winter clothes, blankets).

Payment for Express Carrier services is made directly upon completion of work, when the goods are delivered (parcel) to the client. Payment is possible in cash or non-cash form, at the request of the client. In some cases, prepayment is possible.

The “last mile” (the delivery of the departure from the warehouse in Kiev to the address indicated by the client) is carried out by any Ukrainian carrier chosen by the client.

Within the limits of Kiev courier delivery by the courier of company ICS: International Courier Service is possible. The cost of courier delivery depends on the volume of your cargo and the delivery address. You can find out the exact price in the telephone mode from the company manager.